A Mythological Opener

The Hesperidic Top Notes of STORIES Nº. 01

One of the proposed sites for the ancient Greek mythological Garden of Hesperides is in the city of Lixus, Morocco. Legend has it that golden apples of knowledge and immortality grew there under the watchful gaze of nymphs and a 100-headed dragon named Ladon. If you were to visit the ruins today, you could trace the old roads and see where a temple was erected in memory of Hercules. He managed to defeat the dragon and steal the fruit. The apple was, in fact, an orange.

Top Notes

In the world of fragrance, Hesperidic Oils are extracted from citrus peel and are known for their freshness and delicacy. The opening notes ofSTORIES Nº. 01 feature three Hesperidic notes: Italian Bergamot, Grapefruit from Florida and Tunisian Orange Blossom. These are known as top notes.

Fragrances are split into three categories: top, heart and base. It is often illustrated in a pyramid and a timeline of evaporation runs from the top to the bottom. Therefore, notes that make up the top section of the pyramid evaporate the fastest. When a fragrance is first applied, the initial impression it makes is affected by the top notes. They are punchy, lively, fresh oils designed to grab the attention of the wearer. Notes in the Hesperidic Facet are commonly used as top notes in the composition of perfume.

The Richest Citrus Oil

Citrus Bergamia is one of the richest of the citrus oils. It is traditionally hand-pressed and, due to the labour-intensive nature of its extraction, it is a highly prized ingredient. The richness of Bergamot is balanced by sharp Grapefruit and sensual Orange Blossom absolute.

Orange Blossom absolute is the distillation of the flower from the sour orange tree. Although the fruit is considered too bitter to eat, every part of the tree is used to extract fragrance for the perfume industry. The blossom itself has a powerful aroma in the Spring as it grows in tandem with the fruit.

A Perfect Opener

These Hesperidic accords create an intense, initial aroma when you apply STORIES Nº. 01. They are lively, bright and suggestive. They are the introduction to a much deeper, more complex story that will develop throughout the day. This enticing citrus blend serves as the perfect opener for STORIES Nº. 01; it is a story you do not want to miss.

Read more of STORIES Nº. 01’s story next week when we look at the heart of the Eau de Parfum.